Belgium and Luxembourg

Belgium and Luxembourg


Seen as a small country surrounded by big neighbors, Belgium is a country that surprises not only visitors but also investors.

Belgium is classified among the 20 most competitive nations according to the World Economic Forum’s ranking and reached in 2009 the 6th place on the list of most attractive investment countries.

With exports amount to 83,8% of Belgium’s GDP, Belgium is leading the world in per capita exports.

This make Belgium one of the strongest exporters in Europa. Belgium compensates its rather small size with highly competitive manufacturing and services industries and strong integration into the globalized economy. Belgium developed as well on of the best market of services an is a leading European region in the logistics and distribution sector. Among other things this is due do the presence of large ports, its central position in a rich Western European market with strong purchasing power, the available multimodal transport infrastructure and inexpensive real estate prices.

Like Brazil, Belgium is proud to be one of the most mixed country in Europe, with about

1,057,666 inhabitants of different nationality.

A gate to Europe

With the integration of the European Union, it’s became less and less relevant to see German, France or United Kingdom as different markets. The European Union is ONE single market with free circulation of goods, people and services. Once you access one national market, you accessed the entire European market.

Belgium is frequently used by international exporters a gate to Europe:

  • Brussels is the capital of the European Union. With the highest level of international representation areas and due to the presence of the EU district, there is almost none international company in the world that doesn’t have a representation office in Brussels.
  • Belgium offers to foreign company a very attractive fiscal system.
  • With a high level infrastructure, Belgium is able to ensure to international exporters to Europe one of the most efficient logistic support in the world.
A test market

Belgium is used as a “test market”. Within 50 European states, Belgium is the 14th in term of population, before countries like Norway, Ireland, Sweden, Switzerland or Portugal. Looking this way, there is no international company who neglect this market of Europe!

In addition, the reputation of “small size country” always challenged Belgium to develop tools to attract foreign investors. It is therefore more easy to enter the Belgium market that classical target markets as UK, Germany or France.

And last but not least: the diversity of the Belgium population make the country a perfect “test market”. A lot of products are tested on the Belgian market before being spread to the rest of Europe. If it works in Belgium, it will work in the all Europe!

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